Eagles Draft needs? What needs?

this is a story I wrote for PhillyPurge.com for more check the web site...

Aah, yes spring is in the air and you know what that means? Another horrible start for the Phillies? Well, probably. But, no I'm talking about the made for TV annual bore-a-thon known as the NFL draft. Does the first round really need to take seven hours? Even Chris Berman has a hard time blowing wind for that long. It could go on all day!

Remember some of those stellar Philadelphia Eagle draft picks of the past? Can you say Lenard ...

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Call Me Jimmy Kimmel!

Hey Jimmy!

This is Jeff Lutz - the guy who dropped off his comedy business card with one of your band members about a month ago. It was the old guy. The band member that is. Anyway, on the happenstance you are reading my web site and we are now somehow distantly related (I'm pretty sure only my family reads this shit) I wanted to let you know I have cleared up my schedule and will happily come out and do a spot on your show anytime. I look forward to your call.

Keep banging Sarah ...

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